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A progressively, impactful football agency focussing on the development of our clients on and off the field

PlayerBacker Sports Ltd (PBS) is a football management agency with a strong reputation in the identification and development of footballing talent. 


We have great football industry connections and maintain strong relationships with clubs, heads of club recruitment and fellow football agencies. As well as our agents, we have an in-depth team comprising experts in finance, sports law, marketing and insurance.

All of our agents are licensed by FIFA - either as legacy agents or having recently passed the FIFA 2023 examination. This is an important factor to be aware of with the FIFA Football Agent Regulations proposed to be introduced to the industry. 


We Propel Footballing Talent.

We combine two main focus areas - player development and client representation. It is the overlap of these two areas that sets us apart. We work closely with selected individuals as a footballer, a client and most importantly a person because we are firm believers that the demands of this industry require a robust and rounded approach involving management, mentorship and care.

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