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Professional representation through an
in-depth understanding of the football industry. 

Our agents are FA and FIFA registered intermediaries who have undergone thorough professional development and knowledge testing (including passing the FIFA Agent Exam) that supports their ample years of experience within the professional football industry. 

Business Services


PBS agents are licensed by FIFA - this being imperative as only those licensed by FIFA can provide agent services from October 1st 2023. We will negotiate the best contracts that truly reflect the value of our clients whilst maintaining strong relations with all parties involved. 


We are experts in brokering deals between clients, clubs and fellow intermediaries through impeccable communication, business mediation experience and the ability to form effective working relationships. 

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Within today's social media driven world the importance of this area cannot be overlooked. We manage all social media profiles on behalf of our clients to maximise their communication opportunities, maintain consistent quality content and media relations with the public

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Our team has vast experience and knowledge within business and finance fields to assist with financial planning, investment advice and guidance regarding Tax. We also have an industry leading contact in football player insurance. 

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We work with reputable legal experts and law firms and have solicitors specialising in contractual law within our team. 


We have exceptional contacts with commercial brands such as Nike, Puma, Ted Baker London, Emirates Airways and TRUsox to name but a few. We are also well versed within the booming NFT space and will ensure our clients maximise their commercial opportunity.


Quite simply, we are marketing savvy. Our team have a background in creating and selling businesses within the sports and lifestyle sector and we know how to package products through in-depth strategy and content design. With an in-house graphics team at hand, our clients will stand out from the crowd.


How football players are perceived in the public eye goes a long way. We support our clients with media and communications training to ensure they give the best account of themselves and importantly, understand this element of the profession. 

Football Services


PBS Football arose from a background in elite level player development through UEFA licensed coaching of young professionals in 1-2-1 training - a service we still offer our clients today alongside their representation. 


We have great contacts in the sports performance world particularly with football analysts working at pro clubs. We can provide analysed footage of our clients to help them reflect and gain valuable off-field perspectives of their performances.


We work alongside top nutritionists and personal chefs for football players who have great experience in profiling the individual for specific nutrition off the field and away from the training ground at home. 


We have very strong ties with industry leading physios to professional athletes such as the team behind Anthony Joshua's physiotherapy.


At the elite level, the mind arguably becomes most important and we know that the journey to the top will involve ups and downs. We have great connections to sports psychology resources and top level coaches who will be there to assist our clients. 


One of the biggest tasks the team around a player has is to keep them in the best performance zone during difficult times as in football things can change so quickly. You will not find better agents than us to communicate with, support and navigate through any difficult periods.  


Today's professional must travel more than ever. We have superb travel contacts for in-season as well as out-of-season travel.

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